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Claim Unclaimed Lottery Before it’s too late

Unclaimed lottery wins have become a large source of unclaimed money sitting with the state treasuries. It is unbelievable that lottery winnings and jackpots can go unclaimed, but the fact is, every year dozens of hefty jackpots are left unclaimed. Unclaimed lottery winnings have been on the rise and in most of these cases, the efforts to locate the rightful owners of these lotteries have gone in vain.

Most of the states have enacted very practical and lenient laws regarding the claim of lottery winnings. A claim period of 1 year is demarcated for the unclaimed lottery process in states like Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Some other states have a validity time frame of three to six months. According to a USA Today survey, almost half a billion dollars of unclaimed lottery money was reported last year. Minnesota reported the expiration of a $1.5 million lottery ticket in January, while Oregon reported the expiration of $7.5 million lottery winning in June. Florida has announced that a $3 million worth lottery ticket is going to expire on Christmas Eve.

A few states have reported the actual volume of unclaimed lottery money:

• In 2005 Illinois reported $14 million of unclaimed lottery winnings

• In the same year, Indiana reported more than $5 million of unclaimed lottery tickets

• The state of Massachusetts reported $4.6 million of unclaimed lottery money a few years earlier.

• Connecticut has not had a winning ticket expire without a winner for nearly a decade. But in certain circles, any unclaimed prize is referred to as the Clarence Jackson Jr. jackpot. Mr. Jackson, three days late in turning in the winning $5.8 million ticket in 1996, never got a penny. Of the 1,100 jackpots Connecticut has doled out since the lottery began here in 1972, 11 have gone unclaimed. Between 2008 and 2009, Georgia reported almost $45 millions of unclaimed lottery money.

Many dailies and editors of major newspapers have debated the laws and norms for claiming the unclaimed lottery winnings, and have stressed on the fact that it should be more expansive and flexible and should be pro-lottery-players. Dawn Nettles, editor of The Lotto Report, a newsletter that covers lotteries, blames lottery practices for many of the unclaimed prizes. "It's so frustrating that I can hardly talk about it," she says. Computer scanning errors cost lottery players prizes, she says. A very glaring case of computer enabled lottery check was detected in Ohio in 2006. The computer failed to validate a $267 million winning ticket.

Toledo tax attorney, Mark Mockensturm, who represented the winner, confirms the story. "The computer system at the lottery office in Cleveland didn't read the encoded ink," he says. The ticket was validated in other ways. "The size of the jackpot caused a hiccup in the computer program," Ohio Lottery spokeswoman Marie Kilbane says. The software was fixed, and the ticket was paid. "All's well," she says.

Readily available for the public, and being one of the most popular pastimes of the American people, Lotteries or Lottos are many times governed by rules which are not known to the common man. It is highly recommended that the Lottery players understand the rules and the finer print, so that they don’t lose the opportunity of a life time.

Unclaimed lottery search has seen a spike in recent times and this point to the fact a greater number of Lottery players are in possession of tickets which have gone unclaimed. So, if you are regular lottery player, it is advisable to know the rules of lottery so that you don’t have to waste valuable time later on in locating the unclaimed lottery money.

What Day Trading Signals Do I Need To See To Enter and Exit The Market

The optimum trading experience begins with a volatile market. Not enough volatility creates a situation that makes it harder to have large enough positive days to offset the negative days. On the same level too much volatility creates an environment in which it is extremely difficult to hold positions for big gains. Picture a heart monitor. If the heart is beating to slow the patient will not have enough blood flow or energy or stock movement or currency movement to get a jump on its competition. If the heart is beating too fast that is extremely dangerous for the patient as too much volatility decreases the chance of being able to follow a stock or currency on it's true path for an extended period of time.

The quote about the trend being your friend is not something to be taken lightly. It is however something that must be truly understood to succeed in trading in any type of situation. Let's say for example that "ABC" stock or commodity or currency opens up 50 cents and closes up 25 cents. If you are lying on the beach and at the end of the trading day you hear that your long term investments rose 25 cents for the day you would be very happy. If, however as a day trader you bought into that position when it was positive 45 cents and sold it when it was positive 28 cents you would not be a very happy camper. This is where a great indicator known as 'net since the open' comes into play. When I look at a quote of a position or potential position I look to see the current price and what the position is up or down for the day.

However, more importantly I look to see how much the position is up or down since after the opening bell. This helps me to determine the relative strength or weakness of a position based on what it has done for me lately and not what it has done overnight to trigger an up or down open. This allows us to view the most up to the second strengths or weakness's. As a day trader you need to be correct for the first couple of minutes that you are in your position. Once you are in the plus column then you can determine how much of the profits you are willing to risk to enable yourself the chance for a big gain while protecting a percentage of the already established profit margin.

Once you have established the current direction of the market which is simply done by quickly looking at the current direction and momentum you take all the positions on your screen and evaluate them. Are a majority of them net positive and trading up since after the market has opened? Are they net positive yet trading lower since the open? Are they net negative and trading even lower since after the open? Or are they net negative yet trading higher since the open. The easiest scenario is to have an up market with a lot of upwards momentum and you are long positions that are net positive on the day and trading higher since the open. Or to be short a down market that is continuing downwards with positions that are net negative and continuing to trade lower since the open. Remember the trend is your friend. However; it is not always so simple.

Positions, and markets reverse trends quickly. They can turn a negative bounce into a monster up day or conversely they can turn a positive day pullback into a spiraling move to the downside. This is where the next set of position indicators become very useful. They are called 'net from high' and 'net from the low'. A weak position should not all of a sudden be 30% off the low of the day as conversely a very strong position to the upside should not retrace 30% on its own. These indicators will help give you the jump (and a lot of fun) on a market or position reversal and give you the chance to reverse course.

Online Coupons - Save Money When You Shop

If you think about cutting back on your expenses when you are shopping, you should avail from the online coupons that help you save a considerable amount of money. Online coupons help you get discount on various items at online as well as actual stores.

When heard free coupons, I thought of the good old days when we used to cut them out of the newspapers or magazines and take them to the stores to cut back a few bucks. But in the recent times, free coupons are usually addressed to the Internet coupon codes that are to be used while shopping at online stores. Online coupons work the same way as the traditional paper ones. The coupons offered by websites are codes that help you get discount on many items such as groceries, clothes, shoes, gadgets, jewelery and many other products. Some of these codes are numeric or alphabetic whereas others are alphanumeric.

You can purchase many items online and get good discounts with the help of these coupons. All you have to do is search for a website that offers free coupons to get discount on a varied range of items. When you find such website, you can get all the great discounts offered by numerous online stores. You can choose the ones that give you the most suitable deals. Many of the discounts expire unexpectedly, so you should ensure that you are entering a coupon code that is valid at the time. You can find coupons at these websites along with the relevant information such as the actual discount available on products, the store where it can be redeemed and the date it expires.

Most of the websites directly link you to the website of the store when you click on the coupon. When you visit the online store through these websites, you automatically get a discount on the product you wish to purchase. You can click on as many coupons you like and check out the product on the website. The other kinds of coupons are printable coupons that you can get printed from the computer and avail the discount at an actual store, not the virtual one. You can take the coupon print to the store of the given company and save a considerable amount of money on each purchase.

Many online stores also give away free coupons as part of their brand marketing campaign. They want more and more people to visit their stores. Discount coupons, free coupons, freebies and giveaways are the incentives used by manufacturers to attract consumers towards their products. This way they get consumers to try out their products and beat the competition with their counterparts. Some companies give discounts on services as well.

In order to mark their presence over the Internet, all the major companies use many tactics to attract new costumers as well as hold on to the existing ones. The online printable coupons and free coupons are the easiest way to achieve this. The discounts offered by the companies draw people towards the free coupons that let them purchase many products at low prices. If you really want to avail from the great discounts that are offered by many online stores, you should visit these websites regularly to get free coupons and save some bucks on each purchase.

To save money on various purchase over the Internet, you can search the Internet for websites that offer printable free coupons to get discounts on numerous products.

Work From Home Business Opportunities – Do You Have What it Takes?

It seems that there is an endless amount of work from home business opportunities. You can find advertisements for home businesses in local newspapers, classified ads, and in the back of many magazines. This is not a new phenomenon. These business opportunities have been around for many, many decades. These opportunities remain popular because many people like the idea of working from home.

Stay at home parents are one group that has always been interested in work from home business opportunities. In the past married women weren’t found in the workplace. Once they married or had children they were expected to go home and care for their families and keep house. Yet in many cases they still wanted, or needed, to contribute to the family’s finances. Many parents today also need a way to earn money while taking care of their family and home. A good work at home business opportunity allows them to earn money yet maintain a flexible schedule that they can work around their family’s needs.

Many retired people are also interested in work from home business opportunities. For some it is hard to stop working after a long career. They can only play so many rounds of golf or spend time working on hobbies. They want an opportunity to create a business that is their own and where they control how many hours they work and how much income they earn. Other retirees need to make some extra money to fill in the gaps from their pension and the increase in cost of living expenses. A good work from home opportunity helps them maintain their style of living.

Many people are interested in work from home business opportunities because they want to build their career and create lasting wealth. There seems to be a few common routes that most people take after high school. They either get a job, or go to college to train for a career.

Once out in the working world, most people come to the realization that many jobs and careers have certain limits and restrictions. They can only advance so far in the company, and this is determined by upper management. They can only earn so much income, again usually determined by someone else. In addition they have to work certain hours and days, and have other restrictions imposed. They may find that their input and creativity is also restricted. They may spend several hours sitting in their car or on a train commuting to their job. These are all reasons many working people begin to look at work from home business opportunities.

Some of the best home based working opportunities can be found in Direct Sales or multi level marketing. These businesses offer flexible schedules and the ability to make good money. But it is important to always research work from home business opportunities before joining. You want a business that provides support and education, a strong business strategy, and an excellent compensation package. The best opportunity will allow you to create wealth, prosperity, and attain a high level of personal success.

Why it is advisable to file your income tax online

According to CRA it is more advisable to file income tax online to reduce the chances of errors and miscalculations that are common when using paper and pencil. There are many websites which enable taxpayers to file taxes online for free. Tax preparation online is quite simple and requires lesser effort from the taxpayer compared to other means of tax calculation. It is now possible to get tax returns online as well as checking on your income tax status, which gives you more control over your finances.

There are many websites which allow taxpayers to file taxes online for free and these enable quick and reliable tax calculations as well as keeping of tax records. Using the online tax calculators requires one to purchase and install tax calculation software although there are some websites which enable taxpayers to file taxes online for free.

There are many types of taxes for different income brackets and doing tax calculations on the internet is advisable for taxpayers as it allows them to file income tax online which is more convenient. You can now do all your tax preparation online and save yourself some time. The internet tax calculation websites have other services such as providing tax returns online as well as having a section where taxpayers can find out their income tax status.

Most financial institutions such as consultants charge their clients extra for tax calculations but the internet enables taxpayers to file taxes online for free. It is now very easy to do tax preparation online as it entails logging on to the tax calculation websites and through simple steps to get your tax returns online. While you are at it you can also find out your income tax status.

The CRA has teamed up with software companies to make it possible to file income tax online for free. Such software companies have made it easy and affordable to file income tax online, do tax preparation online, get tax returns online. You can check your income tax status from CRA’s website, and all from the convenience of your home or office.

When you need to file taxes online for free all you have to do is to log on to the internet and select from among the various software and websites to find the one which suits your needs. One of the biggest benefits you will get when you file income tax online is that typos and other common mistakes associated with tax calculations are reduced. When you do your tax preparation online you save time because the software which do the calculations are fast and accurate. Getting your tax returns online is also very easy and fast and the convenience of finding out your income tax status gives the taxpayer the ability to plan for future tax deductions therefore ensuring his/her peace of mind.

Loan modification with no upfront costs

If you are behind on your HSBC dwelling mortgage, you may well qualify for a HSBC Mortgage Modification by this method. The ideal aspect is that you do not have to pay anything at all upfront to rework your mortgage.

HSBC should forgive your costs and penalties, and this can sum to a large sum of revenue. There is no mortgage modification price via this govt-assisted modification. If you owe back again taxes on your property that are essential to be caught up, HSBC can finance that into the loan quantity.

President Obama has issued statements warning property owners not to fall for scams that claim to provide support and consult for a large sum of revenue. There is no cost to get guidance through this federal method.

If you want counseling regarding housing and other monetary matters, the Department of Housing and Urban Growth (HUD) can deliver that absolutely free of charge. Usually, property owners need guidance in long term fiscal planning, and occasionally it is a essential element of the mortgage modification.

A single of the challenges is that, this usually means most corporations, most genuine organizations that are supplying foreclosure prevention solutions are going to be out of company. There's no way they can function if they can't gather a price up front. If you are contemplating employing the solutions of a reduction mitigation firm to symbolize you, it is crucial to take a look at the corporation carefully with regards to achievements pace and what they can do to assist you. Also, come across out if they charge for their solutions up front, or right after profitable modification. The initially location to begin in the modification method is with contacting a HUD counselor, your loan provider, and only then taking into consideration retaining counsel.

On a final be aware, if you come across a website with a authorities seal, or other intended "government accreditation", and the web page does not have a .gov world-wide-web handle, name the FBI immediately and do NOT do small business with them.

Okay, let's say you are a struggling property owner unable to make your home payments and you will need mortgage modification guide. So, you name one of the lots of loan modification firms and attorneys marketing that they can help you get a mortgage exercise, and you are informed that in advance of they can start out on your application you want to pay out them anywhere from $1500 to $5000. WHAT? You are struggling monetarily and don't have an further few thousand lying close to. Is that even legal? Properly, the response is no, or could be of course...browse on for the authentic inside facts on when and how you can be charged upfront for mortgage modification guide.

The sad truth is that there is quite little oversight or regulation in this reasonably new home loan business offshoot. Each and every state is accountable for governing who can do loan modifications and how they can cost for the service. Most states strictly prohibit any charges be collected from a home-owner after a Observe of Default has been filed. Other states, like California, call for loan modification organizations to be certified and have their upfront payment agreement approved prior to they can legally charge home owners.

Primer On Support And Resistance Levels

Finding and updating support and resistance levels is one of the primary jobs that technical analysts do. A support level (SL) is the cost at which securities that are dropping in value are expected to bounce back. A resistance level (RL) is the reverse, and is the expected price where securities climbing up hit a ceiling and are unable to climb further.

Why each stock has these support and resistance levels and the way to figure out them is really a complex subject that's made harder by the fact that these markers tend to shift over time. Let's try a straightforward explanation initial involving investor psychology, just before obtaining to the technical jargon. Assume that an investor buys a share for $100.

Let's say the share climbs up to $120 but just before the investor can offload the share, it drops back down to $110. Now it starts going up once more, and when it reaches $120 the investor has to contemplate whether it is going to drop back down and if so, wouldn't it be better to offload it before it drops? Since a whole lot of people face the exact same issue and actually do offload it at $120, the price drops once more.

This type of self-fulfilling herd mentality by investors ensures that each and every time the stock nears $120, there will be rush to the exits and also the stock will drop. This is referred to as a resistance level. The same principle applies for stocks on their method to the bottom. Once a stock bounces back up at a particular price (like $110 within the above example), it becomes a support level in future where investors searching for value step in and also the stock starts rising.

This is a extremely fundamental reasoning, as well as the reality is a lot a lot more complex. You will find other things that have to be factored in, such as a round number. For example, a stock priced at $48 and trending upward is likely to discover an RL at $50. It is human nature to prefer numbers like $50 rather than $49 or $50.2 or $50.8, so the RL is usually going to be $50 when the stock is anywhere close to it.

There are also proactive methods to figure out what the future SL & RL is going to be. If the long-term forecast for a stock is favorable, it tends to crack past the RL eventually and climb up to the next one. This next RL or SL can be predicted using methods like trendlines and calculated pivots.

Another factor to think about is that once a stock moves on to the next RL or SL, the previous one becomes the opposite. For example, if a stock cracks past a $50 RL and moves up to $55, then the $50 level becomes an SL for the stock. By the same token, if a stock drops down below the $50 SL to $45, then the $50 level becomes its RL. There's a great deal a lot more to support and resistance levels, but this should be enough to get readers hooked on this really interesting topic.